We too have plenty to be angry about. This forum is not racist, it just doesn't ignore that white people have plenty to be angry about too.

    The rules:


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    The rules:

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:07 am

    First of all, we're super excited that you're here. But with a name like ANGRY WHITE AMERICA, people may get the wrong idea that we're a racist site.

    We aren't.

    We just believe that there is plenty for white people to be angry about, just as there are things other races have to be angry about. White people aren't allowed to be angry in this politically correct Obama-America, but we're going to break that mold.

    So there has to be SOME rules. Please read these, and if you aren't comfortable with abiding by them, then kindly don't post.

    1) No hate speech or imagery.
    ---- No "N WORD", no other derogatory or threatening speech that would be blatantly offensive.
    ---- No imagery of White Supremacists, Nazis, hanging, etc.
    ------ Just please use common sense, and don't be hateful and/or racist.

    2) Anonymity
    ---- Be as anonymous as you want. We will go above and beyond to protect your anonymity.
    ---- If you know who someone is, you do not have permission to 'out' them for who they are in real life. You will be banned if you do that.
    ---- If you choose to post personal information, that is fine. Please know that if you choose to do that and there are consequences from that, we are not to be held responsible in any way.

    3) Attacks
    ---- There is plenty of room for discussion and even arguments. That's what this board is intended to be about. However, if someone disagrees, please at least try to have a discussion instead of going right to name calling and putting someone on blast. Let's keep a great sense of community.

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